Do you think James Bond would have been such a hit with the ladies if he was wearing a pair of shorts and a rash vest? Probably not. The suit maketh the man so when you’re choosing the next outfit you’re going to put into circulation, consider a stylish suit and the ladies will surely thank you in kind. Looking for inspiration? Read this handy guide that runs through the best suits for all occasions and then head to the Politix website. Before too long, you’ll have the suit that will make you look and feel like a million dollars.

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Santa Suit

The occasion this suit is a good option for is when you’re either out on a date or impersonating the real deal as part of some scheme to take money from shoppers. Either way the Santa suit is a good option. Accessorise with a bag full of toys and a list of children deemed to be naughty or nice. Not necessarily a great option for summer as those boots can get a little bit heavy, but maybe swap them out for a pair of sandals.


This is a great suit to have if you’re playing poker. Make some serious coin and take the casino to the cleaners with a handful of clubs thanks to your suit full of clubs. Sure, the security camera will almost certainly notice the fact you’ve been pulling these cards out of your shirt sleeves, but it’ll make a good story as long as you’re not incarcerated for too long. Clubs are also good for Old Maid, if you can find a casino that has an Old Maid table of course.


Tuxedos are good for weddings, show tunes and situations where you have to pretend to be a penguin. If you ever find yourself in one or more of these situations (like a wedding in the North Pole) you really need to get your hands on a tuxedo, by legitimate sources of course. An open casket funeral for instance, is not a good time to see a tuxedo that someone technically doesn’t really need. That sort of approach to life is only going to cause tears, swear words and unnecessary scenes.

Birthday Suit

Whether your team is two points ahead in a semi-final or you’re simply celebrating the start of the weekend, your birthday suit provides the perfect way to express the manner in which you’ve decided to live your life. People screaming may in fact be screaming in joy at the sight of your naked body. You don’t know they’re not! Get your gear off and run away in the manner in which nature intended you too. Just remember to avoid schools and probably public areas in general.

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