If you’re planning a trip to Australia or to a place where you can go surfing and snorkeling, but you have some serious concerns about the possibility of becoming the main course at a shark’s dinner, well, I have a Shark Suit made just for you! Think I’m kidding? Stick around and check this out.

The researchers from the Ocean Institute, at the University of Western Australia, among with the guys from the Shark Attack Mitigation Systems, have been busy little bees and apparently found a solution for the shark-problems they’ve been experiencing in the past: anti-shark suits that make you very hard to spot by Jaws’ family or tells them to move along, because you’re not so tasty. Not that you aren’t tasty, but imagine it as a big plate of juicy steak, just that the delicious meal is yellow. It’s all about perception after all.

[adsense300gray]How do they work ? Well, you have two types of „death-proof” suits: the Diverter, which has black and white stripes that are supposed to make the shark „think” that you’re a weirdo and potentially harmful when ingested. The other type of suit is Elude, a costume which comes in two color tones, white and blue or green or blue. It’s designed to make you the Invisible Snack, I mean it camouflages you in the water.

The idea seems pretty good, but you can call me a chicken, for I still wouldn’t risk going anywhere beyond the “safe” area, which is very close to the shore.

Shark Suit

Shark Suit