A Ralph Lauren Polo shirt is a timeless piece that is a must-have in any man’s wardrobe and here’s why. Along with Lacoste, Ralph Lauren began redefining sports attire back in the early 70’s, turning it into something more wearable and casual. Lauren’s emblem, the man on a horse playing polo was first used as a marketing ploy, to associate the brand with the „sport of kings”, but many decades later most of us have probably forgotten where the idea originated and we simply think of Ralph Lauren as a high-quality brand.

Nevertheless, the connection between the company and the world of sports was never diminished and this year’s new tech shirt is proof that innovation is part of the brand’s culture. The 2014 US Open was chosen as the moment to unveil the smart shirt that will be worn by a few ball boys in this year’s tournament, and also NCAA singles champion Marcos Giron, during practice sessions. David Lauren, the company’s vice president executive promises that the shirts made for the US Open are just a sample of what will be released in 2015. There are many more „fabrics, colors and fits” to come.

[adsense300gray]The Polo Tech Shirt is designed to send biometric data such as heart rate, stress rate, calories burnt and more to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth. It also keeps track of distance and intensity of movement, informing you if you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. The smart garment consists of biosensing silver fibers with conducting capabilities that are woven into the core of the shirt and a snap-on module weighing less than 1.5 ounces. The silver threads are gathered into a stretchy belt placed under the pectorals which sends information about your heart rate and breathing to the snap-on module called the „black box” or „tech box”. The material used for the shirt also has the purpose to draw the moisture away from your skin, while additionally increasing your blood circulation and muscle recovery.

So far, the new smart shirt from Ralph Lauren doesn’t seem over the top, promising too many accessories and tech features, but we’ll have to wait and see if it’s going to cover a necessity in the market or maybe create one and reinvent ordinary sports wear.