It’s pretty simple – if your core loses heat, your body will follow! A vest helps keep your core temperature regulated by trapping only the heat that matters the most. The sleeveless design releases excess warmth from your underarms, keeping you from overheating.

One of our favorite tools in the Fall style toolbox is the vest. It’s sort of the cherry on top of a season that encourages wearing your favorite thing over your second-and third-favorite things, aka layering.

[adsense300gray]Of course, the key to dressing for cooler temperatures is to add warmth, not bulk (see: Marty McFly). Guided by this insight and others, today we’re pleased to present our Guide To Fall Vests. From classically-styled vests with multiple pockets for hands/flasks/Cuban cigars to technical vests for your next fall adventure, we’ve got every type of vest in the (awesome) vest spectrum, along with style tips and insights to keep you looking smart this season.

Puffer Vest

[icon_text color=”gray” type=”icon_tab”]$149[/icon_text] [icon_text color=”blue” type=”icon_shop”]Buy[/icon_text]

Space Vest By Aether

[icon_text color=”gray” type=”icon_tab”]$135[/icon_text] [icon_text color=”blue” type=”icon_shop”]Buy[/icon_text]

Switchback Vest By Kavu

[icon_text color=”gray” type=”icon_tab”]$80[/icon_text] [icon_text color=”blue” type=”icon_shop”]Buy[/icon_text]

Vagabond Vest By Bohnam

[icon_text color=”gray” type=”icon_tab”]$50[/icon_text] [icon_text color=”blue” type=”icon_shop”]Buy[/icon_text]

Valen Light Thermo Vest By K-Way

[icon_text color=”gray” type=”icon_tab”]$100[/icon_text] [icon_text color=”blue” type=”icon_shop”]Buy[/icon_text]

West America X Woolrich Vest

[icon_text color=”gray” type=”icon_tab”]$190[/icon_text] [icon_text color=”blue” type=”icon_shop”]Buy[/icon_text]