10 Must Have Fashion Items

A stylish outfit doesn’t have to be expensive. And you don’t have to run into the shops on a regular basis! There are some fashion items you definitely have to own without worrying about you’ll look lame or out-fashioned. Practical and versatile, this timeless pieces are always the key for a sharp look! Therefore we have chosen our top 10 must-have items of clothing and accessories that must be a part of any male wardrobe.

1. At least one pair of classic Levi’s ® 501 jeans.

At least one pair of classic Levi’s ® 501 jeans. Who doesn’t need a good pair of jeans? The Levi’s 501 jeans are what we call a wardrobe staple! Combine them with a t-shirt and some trainers for a casual outfit. Or maybe with a button short and some elegant shoes for a casual-office look.


Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Fit Jean

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2. A white button shirt

As plain as they look, the classical white shirts go with almost everything! You’ll never fail if you choose a white shirt for going out or for work!


Armani Collezioni Twill Woven Dress Shirt, White

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3. A pair of chinos

Originally designed for British and French military uniforms, the chinos are now a stylish choice when it comes to civilian wear. Pull off any kind of outfit you want with them!


Bob Light Stretch Cotton Twill Chino Pants

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4. A complete black tuxedo

Every man needs a tuxedo! Even if you’re not to type that attends fancy parties, you’ll find yourself in the situation of needing one, more than once in your life! Oh, and the ladies love that James Bond air you have when wearing a tuxedo!


HUGO BOSS Caiden Tuxedo

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5. A dark colored coat

Now seriously, who doesn’t need one? Simple, yet masculine and elegant – this coat is dedicated to men seeking to look refined no matter what they wear.


City Coat

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6. A pair of Monk Strap shoes

A good pair of shoes is like a statement of power for every man! A good quality pair can last for years and can be easily combined, so choose wise!


Magnanni Miro Double Monk Strap Shoet

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7. A leather wallet

A wallet is more than just an accessory to keep your money, your credit cards, and your ID. A good quality wallet will always make a nice pair with your daily outfit, regardless of your style! So, yes you must invest in a wallet, too!


Hard Graft Bi-Fold Wallet

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8. A pair of leather gloves

Any urban winter outfit is incomplete without a pair or leather gloves. Or maybe you prefer a retro look and would rather buy a special pair for when you’re driving. Or you’re a biker and need some to match your motorcycle? With leather gloves the sky is the limit!


All Saints Yield Glove

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9. A pair of wayfarer sunglases

Sunglases are not only for summer, they look über-cool with wither outfits, too! And wayfarers are maybe the classiest! So pimp your attire with a nice pair of shades!


Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer 50mm Polarized Sunglasses

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10. A quality white t-shirt

Lame? Think again! White t-shirts are the most versatile garments you can find! Go for any style you want in seconds! Now that’s the definition of utility!


Legacy Cotton T-shirt

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