Ahhh, the mild spring weather! It’s time to get rid of those heavy winter clothes and wear something lighter. Although the weather can still be a bit tricky, you can shelter yourself from spring’s caprices in a cool jacket!

More than a useful clothing item, jackets are a real fashion statement. They can really take your outfit from dull to wow in seconds! This season is all about texture, patterns, prints, colors – so you can go wild and chose whatever matches your style!


All lengths and shapes are trending this spring so you can easily find one to suit you whether you’re the sporty kind or the more elegant type. Blazers, trenches, leather jackets, raincoats, vests – all are in this spring. To put it short: the options are endless!

Which to choose? Wait… that’s a women problem. Men prefer to be practical, and, in order to give you hand in taking the right decision we have selected the 10 hottest spring jacket styles! So choose the one that goes with you, because all are trending right now!

Curious? Well, we don’t want to keep you waiting even more, so here they are: the coolest jackets of spring 2015! Enjoy!

This cool yet minimalist 2xH coat has a mac inspired styling.  With a button placket topped by a point collar and 2 welt pockets this coat is both practical and stylish and it’s perfect for casual or business outfits!

2xH Brothers Wesley Jacket

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Bomber jackets never go out of style! And you can’t go wrong if you choose to purchase such an item! This cotton-blend bomber has an antiqued aspect that will give your outfits that cool vibe you’ve always been searching for!

Antiqued Cotton Bomber

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Vests are practical and go hand in hand with mild spring days! Choose this box-quilted vest with a faux-suede trim for a carefree look!

Box-Quilted Vest

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Leather bomber jackets are always the right choice! They’re good even for rainy days, and if hooded (like this Diesel jacket) – even better!

Diesel Hooded Nappa Leather Bomber Jacket

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This H&M waxed cotton jacket is perfect for a classy look with a casual vibe. It has a cool stand-up collar with corduroy lining and adjustable tab. Also, the multiple pockets make it very practical!

H&M Waxed Cotton Jacket

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Spring weather tends to be unpredictable, we’ve already said that! Well, this Musto Shooting jacket is both shower and wind proof and has been made using a special insulation that will make you feel comfortable in any weather conditions.

Musto Shooting Quilted Jacket

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This updated Native Youth bomber with faux leather sleeves and a ribbed collar is just what you need for a fresh spring look! It can’t be any cooler, trust us!

Native Youth Bomber Jacket with Leather Sleeves

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Get artistic with this lightweight Paul Smith bomber jacket! It will surely make you stand out with its intricate floral design and the multiple pockets make it very practical!

Paul Smith Palm Leaves Print Bomber

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This Public School bomber jacket is mandatory for a casual posh look. With a classy houndstooth print and a modern design – this jackets is going to be a real hit this spring!

Public School Bomber Jacket

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This smudged-striped blouson jacket promises to get your outfit out of the sameness. It looks wonderful in casual outfits!

Won Hundred Leroy Jacket

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