There’s been a trend lately when it comes to creating convertible and multifunctional backpacks and the Vamoose Jacket is yet another brick in the wall, sort of speak. Because, with one of these babies, you get two for the price of one. I mean, the Vamoose is originally a waterproof jacket, but it can be turned into a day pack with a flick of a switch. Actually, it’s a little bit more complicated than flicking a switch, but you got the idea, I hope. Made of three layers, the jacket comes with a huge external pocket, that makes you look like a marsupial and it comes handy for storing your personal belongings, such as tools, cellphones, munchies and the like.

[adsense300gray]If you need more storage space,  the pocket can be transformed into a backpack compartment, with the jacket folding into itself and creates a 3 liter rucksack. Cool, huh? So, with the Vamoose, you’ll have two items for the price of one : a warm jacket for rainy days and a backpack when you’re hiking the mountains or whatever makes you tick. The jacket features an adjustable hood, storm flaps, taped seams and also offers a poncho. The price is pretty hefty, but overall it’s a cool gadget.

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