Because we all are such sore losers, we wouldn’t want for you to miss the long-awaited new entry on the smart watches market – GEAK Watch II. This new gag, rising as the shining star of Shanda, one of China’s leading online gaming and ebook companies, features an unexpected round panel for a smart watch and mostly all you’ve ever longed for, in terms of hi-tech capabilities.

Using a transflective screen, protected by finger-proof and scratch-free Dragontail glass, which keeps its timeface always visible, time is easily readable. Unlike most color touchscreen smart watches available in stores, GEAK Watch II Pro has an innovative display that uses both LCD and E-Ink technology. The result: an amazing 18 days battery life on a single charge, due to its low power E-ink standby mode. Cheaper standard GEAK Watch II model (which uses plastics instead of metals in its construction) lasts an admirable 15 days period between charges. And even if you’re intensively using the LCD screen, Shanda producers assure us a six up to seven days cycle between charges.

[adsense300gray]Fully equipped with Android 4, GEAK can independently connect to the internet, though successfully supporting connection with other smart devices, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Since a whole team of developers bent over backwards to build the GEAK App Store, you have a lot of apps to choose from to make this smart timepiece even brighter. GEAK Watch II notifies you of texts and calls, Air Quality Index trackers keep you posted of environmental changes and the health assistant monitors your heart rate, counts steps. An excellent replacer for your traditional remote controller, simple gestures transform this device into a command center for your smart devices universe.

Developers have foreseen your style concerns and they offer you a wide range of skins and leather straps, so you can be sure that GEAK will suit your personal style just fine.