[adsense300gray]I don’t know about you guys, but I sometimes feel the need for buying all kinds of strange items that look and seem interesting enough to deserve my money even if I ask myself afterwards if it was a wise choice while scratching my head in confusion. Well, what does it matter anyway? If it makes me happy for a while, it doesn’t. One item from my list of peculiar things that I’d like to buy is a pair of jeans from Naked & Famous Denim Weird Guy – the Scratch-N-Sniff Mind Scented Denim. As you probably suspect already, these funnily-named jeans smell of mint when you scratch them. So, in other words, when those damned fleas taken from your doggie decide to give you some pesky itches, you have a good reason to scratch yourself furiously. People won’t judge you after they get a chance to smell your freshly scented jeans. It’s not that weird to ask people to smell your pants. Or to scratch yourself and smell your hands.

The jeans are made in Canada and the fabric is Japanese, 100% cotton. The coating is said to last up to 5 washes.


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