Looking stylish is something that is invariably in the eye of the beholder but, it’s safe to say, there are some items of clothing that will look stylish regardless of which pair of eyes are being laid upon it. One such example of this calibre of clothing is the day shirts from Budd Shirt Makers – which offer style as well as unparalleled comfort.

Budd Shirt Makers are an institution in the London tailoring industry and their quality is well known on both sides of the Atlantic. Founded in 1910 and still operating from the same small store in which their business began over a century ago, Budd are bastions of style in the UK and their classically trained tailors regularly fly to New York to supply their bespoke dress shirts to sartorially inclined Americans.

Made from superior material, the bespoke shirts from Budd Shirt Makers are beyond compare in terms of both style and comfort and once you’ve slipped one on, you’ll wonder how you managed to get by with a shirt of any other type. Refined, elegant and painstakingly crafted, Budd Shirts are the ultimate style statement and every refined chap should have at least one of their finely tailored offerings in their wardrobe.

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