Best audio equipment for the lovers of high fidelity sound and music.


Mophie Power Capsule

  If you are the kind of person who likes to be active during the day everything is so much more fun with your favourite music playing. But sometimes wh...
ReSpeaker 1

ReSpeaker Voice Activates Any Appliance

The world is becoming more and more technological right before your eyes. When you blink and more and more things are becoming wireless, it can be hard to find ...

Setting Up Your Speakers For Max Output

Do you ever feel like you’re not gifted with enough knowledge to get some things well done? Setting up your speakers right can be one of these things. I can ass...

Sony SPX-S1 Glass Speakers

The newest addition to Sony’s Life Space UX Project has just been revealed by the Korean electronics giant. You are looking at a new type of transparent, glass-...
bonx 05

Bonx Wearable Walkie Talkie

The Bluetooth Walkie Talkie One of the most frustrating things for professional athlete is, without a doubt, is the inability to communicate with whatever te...