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Martin Logan Crescendo Premium Wireless Speaker System

A good sound system is certainly important for anyone who’s addicted to music (like I am, for example, as I couldn’t go one day without it). When that sound system is also defined by fine aesthetics, besides being a good performer and all, I say that it definitely deserves a place in your house. Say hello to Crescendo, an impressive wireless speaker system that wears the signature of Martin Logan and is a perfect combination between high quality features and a good looking design. Crescendo … continue reading


The Marshall Major Headphones

I don’t know about you guys, but I grew up fantasizing that one day, those cool Marshall speakers and amps from the rock-shows will be mine, oh mine. I hope you know what I’m talking about,  almost 100% of the professional equipment rock bands are/were using is/was Marshall; they’re like ubiquitous, you know what I mean? Well, today you can compensate for your sad, Marshall-less childhood with some cool “vintage looking” headphones. Yes, I am presenting you with the Marshall headphones. Featuring a fully collapsible … continue reading

$87 Buy

Make Your Desktop Sound Awesome With Geek Pulse

If you’re obsessed about music, like yours truly, you will understand why I am hyper-excited to show you the latest gimmick from Geek Pulse! Well, gone are the days of vinyl disks, audio-cassettes and  CD’s. Even if some of us are still hanging tight to their hard-copy music collection, we all know deep down inside that we’re relics and also Luddites.  Because, modern technology and the mp3 or Flac format killed the Audio CD, just like the CD killed the vinyl disk and so on. … continue reading

$299 Buy

Mini Mirror BoomBox Union Jack

From now on, you can stream music everywhere with the IUI Design Mirror BoomBox Union Jack. It sounds like a fancy name, but in fact things are very simple. Basically, what we have here is a portable music device, with a cool design and lots of features, especially created for those of you with a soft spot for English anthems, like Mini (the car brand) and the Union Jack. It’s a smooth marketing approach, if you ask me. The boom-box’s  design resembles a car mirror (a Mini,  … continue reading

$149 Buy

TuneLink Home. Wireless Audio Streaming

The TuneLink Home is the ultimate gadget when it comes to connecting/syncing your home audio appliances. It works via Bluetooth and it’s basically an universal remote control for your smart devices, such as iPod,iPod Touch, iPhone or any Android running gizmo. This is a complete solution for all your needs, because it functions both as an wireless audio link and a remote control for your multimedia devices. Obviously, all these smart devices controlled via the TuneLink home can be synced with your main sound system, so … continue reading

$118 Buy

Dock It Like It’s Hot. Wall Of Sound iPhone Speaker

Beware of the beast, because Wall of Sound 2.0, the ultimate iPhone speaker was released on the market. If you are the audiophile type and you’re also an iPhone lover, just take a look at the Wall of Sound speakers, built especially for Apple products. This is actually the second generation of the WOS, now bigger, better, faster, more (Expensive, nota bene). To paraphrase a well known commercial, WOS 2.0 is not only the biggest iPhone speaker around, but it could be the biggest speaker … continue reading

$6900 Buy

Revo SuperConnect. Stream Any Radio Out There

Revo SuperConnect is the next generation audio-device, the alpha and omega in terms of engineering philosophy and industrial design. Form meets function, ten years of excellence in product design and development, the whole nine yards. At least, that’s what they are claiming, that’s the marketing propaganda. To me, the SuperConnect looks like my grandfather’s radio from the 50′s or something, that kind of gear you’re buying from a gypsy in the flea market. But wait a minute, don’t let this retro-look deceive you. Under the vintage design, lies a … continue reading

$405 Buy

Gestural Controlled Bluetooth Loudspeaker

The concrete and fir wood harmonic board that enhances everything from the deepness of the bass to the warmth of the treble is only the beginning of badassery with the P.A.C.O digital loudspeaker. For starters, it’s concrete. How many people can say they have a concrete speaker in their house? That’s right. Very. Few. And you could be one of them. Not to mention that you could easily fend off intruders by swinging your music at them, literally. With a 360 degree sound range, you will find … continue reading

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