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Best audio equipment for the lovers of high fidelity sound and music.

The Stylish Bang&Olufsen’s Beoplay H5

  Hi-Fi, More Accessible Than Ever With Beoplay H5 Bang & Olufsen came forward with a very tempting proposal, one implying enjoying the music we love without restrictions on more occasions than ever before. The Beoplay H5 is their first wireless headphone set, one trying to make its way into our lives and deservedly so. The motto is “everyday transformed” … continue reading

$249 Buy

The Travel Free Guitar – Klos Carbon Fiber

The Klos Carbon Fiber Guitars 2.0 What’s the most awesome thing about a guitar? How easily you can impress any audience, especially when comprised of ladies. What’s the most nuisance thing about a guitar? Having to carry it around. Now, the Klos Carbon Fiber Guitars are here to spare us of the latter, with their travel free models. They’re a … continue reading

$549 Buy

4,500W Gold Devialet Phantom Wireless Speaker

4,500 Watts of Jewelry Speaker When it comes to wireless audio speakers, there is not much that can compete with French audio brand Devialet, both in terms of quality and price. Priced $600 above it’s silver counterpart, Devialet Phantom promises to provide a 4,500 W musical experience, all from the insides of a small round piece. Technically, Phantom is able to … continue reading

$6,000 Buy

Dreamwave Survivor Bluetooth Speaker

Are you planning an exciting camping trip with your friends and family this summer? Do you want to throw a party at the lake or by the beach? If you are, you will definitely need good speakers to get the party going. And you should know about Survivor – the world’s first and only 2 in 1 Bluetooth speaker sound system … continue reading

$279.99 Buy

Denon Design Series Presents: Real Hi-Fi Audio

Denon Design Series The Denon Design Series is branded as the “real Hi-Fi for today’s lifestyles” by its own creators. And it is all for good reason, this concept mixes conventional and modern in a sophisticate, delicate way, while pleasing your appetite for modernity and a touch of class. How would you like to play music through an NFC or … continue reading

$1400 Buy

This 3D audio headphone calibrates to your anatomy

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy” – Ludwig van Beethoven Picture this scenario You’re stuck on an overcrowded tube. Headphones wedged over your ears. Volume turned right up. Yet, you can still hear everything echoing behind the music. The same happens when you set off on your morning run. And at the cafe. This is an annoyance most have to deal with. … continue reading

Revols Earphones Mold To Your Ears in 60 Seconds

Holding positions It feels like hell when earphones keep dropping out from your ears. Whether you are on the bus, jogging or just taking a stroll listening to your favorite tunes, you want your earphones to stick. Custom-fit earphones usually cost a bunch of dollars you may either not afford or wish to spend on something else. Revols project took … continue reading

$169 Buy

Rock The Cap While Rocking The Beats

Hats are cool, no doubt about it. The problem arrives when we rightfully try to combine hats and other stuff, like music. First we have the cable wire hanging down our bodies, like a robot. But there’s also the fact that some hats (beanie hats) are tight, drilling the headphones in our earbuds, ouch! The folks at BE Headwear have … continue reading

$59.00 Buy

Love Music? Plantronics BackBeat Sense

Bring quality with you everywhere Plantronics, for those of you who don’t know, represents one of the greatest audio gadgets manufacturers in both the USA and the world. NASA actually used their equipment, back in 1961. In present day, they want to make us a proposal: take the new headset, the BackBeat Sense for a spin and be simply amazed. … continue reading

$183 Buy

Astro Bluetooth Speaker

Astro Beauty Shot

Meet the Astro Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker works a bit different than standard ones, by better using hardware to manage the sound. Hardware maintains the music integrity while software might change it.

$139 Buy
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