Do you want luxury? Because this is how you get luxury. Do you want opulence? Because this is how you get opulence. Born from a collaboration between Goldfinch Pianos and Based Upon artist studio, „The Baby” grand piano stands out in front of everything else around it, no matter where you will place it, wether it’s a grand opera hall or a decently large living room of a mansion.


There is hardly much to tell about this piano in order to express its visual impact or its magnitude; photos speak mostly for themselves. However, there are a few ideas you might consider before buying this piece of marvel. First of all, make sure you have enough money in your bank account, because your pocket definitely isn’t deep enough. After all, it isn’t called the „half million dollar piano” for nothing. The price exposed on the official website stands at £475,000 without VAT.

The base of „The Baby” piano has its roots in the Twist – a British modern piece of sculpture that has also been the founding element of highly limited edition consoles and tables. This time, the 9 year old worth of design evolution has been crafted into a piano. Fluid curves outlining the exterior of „The Baby” are inspired from the over-present spiral patterns found all over the universe. „The Baby” grand piano is revealed once the tri-oval top rises, looking just like it is twisting away from the base. Scenes from outer space and earthly models have been handcrafted inside metal finishes in order to reflect the artist’s study and view.