Getting to really feel the music isn’t all about having the best pair of headphones hooked up to a highly priced amplifier. In fact, you can literally feel the music vibrating against your chest by hooking up a Woojer.

In short words, Woojer represents a condensed (as in very small) form of a subwoofer which transfers synchronized impulses to your body while the music is playing in your headphones. It works by connecting it as an intermediary device between a sound source such as a phone or iPod, and a pair of headphones. When the music plays, this small woofer vibrates and immerses the user into yet another dimension of auditioning – it replicates low frequencies of bass and renders them further.

[adsense300gray]According to the producer, it comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to four hours of use. It features a 3.5mm jack both for the line in and line-out, this way being compatible with the large majority of portable music systems.

Woojer can be used both for music auditioning as well as for gaming sessions, even by the hearing impaired. It has been designed in cooperation with companies developing products for the hearing impaired, thus implementing their technology in the final result.

There are three available versions on the market right now. The classic, featuring one Woojer device with a magnet and an audio cable; theExtreme, featuring 2 devices with 2 magnets, one to be placed on the chest and the other on the belt. There is also an option available for the sport junkie, the Sport Strap.