The latest example for the Harman Kordon high-level of sophistication is the sleek and stealthy Esquire Mini portable and wireless speaker. Its sexy-slim dimensions are not only aesthetically appealing but also meant to still the thirst of tech-improved performances of the always-on-the-run professionals.

Esquire Mini reveals a striking design highlighted by a slotted front screen with a touch of gloss and a silver band of brushed aluminum around the edges. Durable as well as portable, the Esquire is crafted from fine materials such as a rich leather exterior panel.

[adsense300gray]The chic design seems rather to endorse the exceptional sound performances that it provides. Dimensional sound signature is brought by its dual, high-performance drivers and an integral bass port that guarantees clear sound. Enabled with Bluetooth technology, Esquire Mini assures full stereo streaming with other devices.
Besides offering a powerful portable sound, Esquire Mini doubles as a conference phone system, with dual-microphone and built-in echo /noise cancellation technology. This capable travel companion brings along an ample collection of accessories, including a long tangle-resistant charging cable, USB port for charging a device from the speaker’s Li-ion rechargeable battery, which is rated for a max 8-hour runtime.

So whether you’re in an office, a conference room or a hotel room this wireless device will definitely come up to your expectations in stylish manner. Looking more like a work of art than a speaker, Esquire Mini goes anywhere you go, raising up the level of elegance in sound emission.