[adsense300gray]A cool gadget has been launched for those of you who dally with the idea of being a DJ. The Philips M1X-DJ iPad dock is the fruitful result of the collaboration between Philips and one of the most famous and beloved DJs, Armin van Buuren.

The M1X-DJ is a DJ sound system that holds support for Bluetooth and Apple Lightning connectivity, so besides linking it to your iPhone or iPad and running the djay 2 application from Algoriddim, you can also connect it to other audio devices and play music. Pretty cool, huh ?

Van Buuren says that this idea crossed his mind after being repeatedly asked by fans what kind of gear should they get for mixing on their own, being beginners. So, he thought of something that would be approachable by anybody, being both affordable and easy to use, meeting the needs of everyone who’s new in this business.

The M1X system has a lot of inputs and outputs and can be connected to a bigger system. It outputs 80-Watts of power through its speakers and its platters are said to be professional, so you’re not really dealing with a toy here. The station is ultra-portable and will stay alive for 5 hours thanks to its D cell batteries.