Isn’t it annoying how every single time you try to have a nap your neighbors won’t stop the fighting, when you try studying in libraries they’re always filled with noisy people or how you constantly end up flying alongside a band of chit-chatters? And there are many other ‘dramatic’ situations when even the softest earplugs can’t put to rest the ongoing noises. Now you can finally enjoy some peaceful moments of silence with Hush earplugs, wireless noise masking earplugs that block out the world anywhere, anytime.

[adsense300gray]Hush successfully manage to combine the features of a smart device with the care for comfort, surpassing your traditional earplugs that simply can’t stop all the noise. Mixing sound eliminating foam with noise masking, for the residual noise, Hush will fully isolate you from surrounding environment. And you’ll still be aware when the time has come for you to wake up or answer the important phone call you’ve been waiting for.
It’s all possible because Hush can sync with your smartphone, controlling any disruptive effect that may interfere with your quietness. A complementary app helps you to choose from a wide range of soothing sounds the one you’d like to fall asleep with, to silence the unimportant notifications and choose to be woken up by what matters most, whether it be your alarm or phone calls from specific contacts.

No design detail has been neglected, Hush uses heat-sensitive memory foam for a more secure fit to your ear and silicone padding which is excellent for side sleepers. Feel free to rest, study or travel in every in any noise making conditions because you can dispose your old ordinary earplugs, lay back and plunge into a whole new serenity experience with Hush.