We know that the world is becoming more and more environmentally-conscious, so today we thought we’d contribute to the change and feature a cool little sustainable device for your iPhones and iPads. But we’re not quite ready to give up on the style aspect yet, so we’ve found a nice combination of both sustainability and classy look, that we hope you’ll enjoy.

It’s called the Ecoustik 5 and it consists of a simple piece of carved wood that naturally amplifies the sound coming from your iPhone 5 or your iPad. It comes in a variety of colors, from a bright beige of curly maple that will enhance the aspect of a black iPhone, to a rich brown, walnut color that looks great with the white iPhone 5 version. Apart from the sustainability aspect, another… special thing about the Ecoustik 5 is that each piece is unique. Each type of wood will have an individual finish, grain and color.

The creator and producers of the device go as far as to claim that the wood is harvested through sustainable methods and it is not subjected to any environmental or health damaging processes, as the material is finished with natural, non-toxic tung oil, that will only enhance its characteristics.

All in all, after watching some reviews, we’ve concluded that this innovative design is not just about looks, but it also works with no fault. Plus, you’ll never have the fear of some internal mechanism breaking, and the stylish aspect really makes it a starred product in our book.