The TuneLink Home is the ultimate gadget when it comes to connecting/syncing your home audio appliances. It works via Bluetooth and it’s basically an universal remote control for your smart devices, such as iPod,iPod Touch, iPhone or any Android running gizmo. This is a complete solution for all your needs, because it functions both as an wireless audio link and a remote control for your multimedia devices. Obviously, all these smart devices controlled via the TuneLink home can be synced with your main sound system, so you can listen on your home hi-fi speakers your audio files from your iPhone. How cool is that?

[adsense300gray]Despite the fact that it’s wireless, the TuneLink offers crystal clear sounds, thanks to its high-end Bluetooth processor. It also permits you to connect your home-cinema, for example, via Toslink or an analog line level output and it works over 100 feet away from the player. You can link multiple players, without the need of a password or anything annoying, it comes with a data link enabled for app control and provides, obviously, stereo audio streaming and auto-reconnect, being always ready to play your favorite tunes. It doesn’t cost that much either, this baby can be yours for just $118!

TuneLink HomeTuneLink Home 5

TuneLink Home