[adsense300gray]Beware of the beast, because Wall of Sound 2.0, the ultimate iPhone speaker was released on the market. If you are the audiophile type and you’re also an iPhone lover, just take a look at the Wall of Sound speakers, built especially for Apple products. This is actually the second generation of the WOS, now bigger, better, faster, more (Expensive, nota bene).

To paraphrase a well known commercial, WOS 2.0 is not only the biggest iPhone speaker around, but it could be the biggest speaker in the world. I’m just saying, but the weight on this baby is an impressive 178 kilos, due to its construction, which consists of 44 elements plus a pair of mind numbing-spirit crushing ultra powerful subwoofers, capable of delivering at full power, no less than 8000 watts of noise.  And what a noise it is, with deep bass, contoured mids and crystalline highs. I’m epic, I know, but wait to see these babies! They are the beauty and the beat, in the same body. Apart from their weight and brute force power, they are a piece of hand made art, actually, being built from high quality materials by skilled carpenters and engineers. Using the WOS 2.0, you’ll have a problem with your electricity bill, and I am not kidding.

The WOS 2.0 is controlled by a dedicated app, comes with Bluetooth and a monkey. Really. A monkey which lets you know if the music is too loud. Seriously. Just buy a pair of these and prove me wrong! I dare you! I double dare you!

Wall Of Sound 2.0 iPhone Speakers

Wall Of Sound 2.0 iPhone Speakers 1

Wall Of Sound 2.0 iPhone Speakers 2

Wall Of Sound 2.0 iPhone Speakers 4