Nowadays, there is not challenge in finding a sound system that allegedly has surround capabilities. Usually, for the regular user, a 5.1 or 7.1 dolby surround system will create the atmosphere for a Saturday night movie.

Pandoretta takes the concept of surround sound to a new level of quality. It provides both a pleasant aspect for the eye and a great sound immersion for the ear. Developed by austrian company POET Audio, Pandoretta features 7 speakers strategically placed inside a stylish case. Given its assembly and design, Pandoretta can play music within its full 360 degrees radius. You know what’s even better than 360 surround sound? The quality of the music; according to its producers, Pandoretta comes as close as it can get to the perfect sound.

[adsense300gray]While there’s no doubt that the emitting sound is on the high-end part of audiophile range, there is more to Pandoretta than just that. Along the 7 speakers integrated in a stainless steel case with wooden interior, this music box also features a Bluetooth 4.0 system. Given the apt-X Bluettoth technology, Pandoretta can receive lossless music transfers from mostly any device: iPhone, computers or Android smartphones.

Television systems and mediaboxes can also pe connected to the Pandoretta through either its single digital input or its two analog connections. Although there is no need for a remote, as Pandoretta automatically plays all active input sources, it might be a pain in the neck if you forget to disconnect one audio device before plugging another.

On overall, Pandoretta emerges its listeners into the next generation of media entertainment focusing on hyper-quality of sound and accessibility, without forgetting about the stylish outside aspect.