As we have be accustomed, Ableton has released a new Live software this year, and this time it brought along a new pad controller with it, called Push. This one only works on Live 9, so if you’ve been a fan of Live and think about getting Push, you can try the free version of Ableton’s latest software here. The pad was engineered by Akai Professional and the teamwork that these two companies have put in seems to be rewarded by reviewers saying that this is probably the best device of its kind on the market.

The control surface is nicely designed, with the downside being that it’s pretty dense and it’s not easy to carry around, at 6.6 lbs., especially since it’s meant to bond and fraternize with your laptop in your backpack. It easily connects to your computer through a USB cable, and no drivers need to be installed.

Ableton managed to create a versatile device that will cater to many types of musicians’ needs – whether you’re more of a pianist, or a drummer, etc. The controller is really fun to use once you get the hang of it, with color-changing notes and pressure sensitive pads. It’s also highly functional due to buttons that are meant to help the user, by deleting, undoing, quantizing, a scale button to change keys and many more.

You can record your masterpiece directly on the controller, before transferring it to Live 9 and presenting it to the world, so we’re really excited to hear what great songs people come up with.

Ableton Push 2

Ableton Push 1

Ableton push 3