A good sound system is certainly important for anyone who’s addicted to music (like I am, for example, as I couldn’t go one day without it). When that sound system is also defined by fine aesthetics, besides being a good performer and all, I say that it definitely deserves a place in your house. Say hello to Crescendo, an impressive wireless speaker system that wears the signature of Martin Logan and is a perfect combination between high quality features and a good looking design.

Crescendo is classy and elegant, resembling with a fine piece of furniture, and will look great anywhere you place it. In terms of performance, it’s more than impressive, featuring two tweeters that are linked to Martin Logan’s Folded Motion technology, a powerful woofer, three channels of class D amplification and 100 watts of system power. Its specs are certainly impressive for a wireless speaker, so this baby will definitely bring pleasure to your ears. It comes in two versions, a high gloss piano black one and real wood walnut veneer.


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