[adsense300gray]Revo SuperConnect is the next generation audio-device, the alpha and omega in terms of engineering philosophy and industrial design. Form meets function, ten years of excellence in product design and development, the whole nine yards. At least, that’s what they are claiming, that’s the marketing propaganda.

To me, the SuperConnect looks like my grandfather’s radio from the 50’s or something, that kind of gear you’re buying from a gypsy in the flea market. But wait a minute, don’t let this retro-look deceive you. Under the vintage design, lies a high tech beast, capable of delivering you with the latest and the greatest in audio streaming technology and much, much more. Revo Super Connect comes packed with high tech, offering you radio access from all around the world (via Internet streaming of course), direct access to your personal music files, also it gives you access to all the song you’ll ever need, via world’s most renowned streaming services (Deezer, rings a bell?).

The Revo Super Connect features all kinds of digital radio standards, like  DAB, DAB+, FM with RDS plus internet radio, so you can listen to over 16 000 radio stations worldwide. It will communicate with your smart devices via DLNA and WLAN, it can play music files from your laptop/smartphone/pc, you name it. It even has Bluetooth with aptX and Spotify Connect. The gizmo is made of wood and anodized aluminum, beautifully crafted in the good old American tradition of the fifties.

REVO Super Connect 1 REVO Super Connect 2 REVO Super Connect 3

REVO Super Connect 4

REVO Super Connect