[adsense300gray]If you’re a DJ, you must have heard about Hoerboard, a brand that delivers high quality custom DJ furniture. You might be interested in the Hoerboard Stereo.T kit, the first of its kind that comes to your rescue if you don’t have much space for your equipment and need something practical that can join you wherever you go without being a burden.

How is this possible ? Well, the Stereo.T is actually a construction kit that can easily be assembled and the opposite within a matter of minutes. If you’re on your way to a gig where your precious music and talents are required, taking all of your own equipment is easier than ever before and you don’t have to worry about being late or something like that, as your hoerboard is simple to set up, being ready in no time for hosting your gear, such as DJ controllers, turntables or CD player setups. If needed, some additional support for your laptop or other CD controllers can be added to the package.

The Stereo.T hoerboard is also home for the annoying power and audio wires, hiding them inside it. Being practical is not the only asset of this good looking DJ stand. The Stereo.T is made from high quality materials that promise to last for a long time. It features a sleek laminated surface that is stain-resistant and comes in black or white.

Stereo.T DJ Kit
Stereo.T DJ Kit 1
Stereo.T DJ Kit 2
Stereo.T DJ Kit 3