When you are looking to complement your house with a decent audio system, sound quality is not the only thing to give attention to; it must also fit in with the design of the surroundings. It is easy to understand why many go for the minimalist aspect of gadgets; they fit well with every design and the handcrafted stereo console offered by Symbol makes no exception.

The stereo console was designed to fit almost any turntable and connect to most home AV systems. This way, you can either attach your own turntable or acquire the specially designed one by Symbol and get the music playing with great definition of sound. The console is handcrafted from wood and with several lacquer finishes to eliminate al imperfections and give a proper reflexion. There are five color versions available: Gkacier White, Slate Grey, Jet Black, Natural Oak and Natural Walnut. Optionally, you can choose to add up to 3 LP bins to store your music right under the console.

[adsense300gray]Given the fact that the Symbol stereo console features a built-in preamplifier, you can plug in more than one audio input source and switch between them with the touch of a button. Inside the console there is a hidden multi-purpose cabinet: it can be used for wire management so only the power cable is left outside, installing a wireless media station or for a phono preamp.

On the tech part, there are two 4″ drivers with titanium cones and Santoprene surround along with a subsonic filtered 8″ subwoofer placed in a damped hidden compartiment. Both the driver volume and subwoofer volume can be controled remotely via remote control that comes in the package.