[adsense300gray]If you’re obsessed about music, like yours truly, you will understand why I am hyper-excited to show you the latest gimmick from Geek Pulse! Well, gone are the days of vinyl disks, audio-cassettes and  CD’s. Even if some of us are still hanging tight to their hard-copy music collection, we all know deep down inside that we’re relics and also Luddites.  Because, modern technology and the mp3 or Flac format killed the Audio CD, just like the CD killed the vinyl disk and so on. Well, if you have a Hi-Fi sound system and you store your music digitally on your laptop / PC / smartphone / whatever high tech gadget, you will sure be in need of a high quality DAC. If you don’t know yet, yes, the Digital-Analog Converter is what you need for your digitally stored music to sound awesome on your sound system. Because, it makes no sense to listen to  your favorite tracks using the built-in sound card from your laptop on your $5000 Hi-Fi system. To enjoy the best and purest sound, you will need to use a high quality DAC, which is basically a much better sound card than the one you will find in a laptop/smartphone. Enter Geek Pulse, the desktop version of the Geek Out – the smaller version. The Geek Pulse is a HD digital audio system with 4 digital inputs, you can connect your DVD / CD / BlueRay, and two outputs – one for headphones and one for your Stereo.

geek pulse

geek pulse 3

geek pulse

geek pulse 2


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