If music is as important for you as it is for me, you’ll probably want to hear a thing or two about a new tech-related thingy which is aimed to please your ears and brings you a wonderful experience which implies listening to your favorite music on a whole new different level.

[adsense300gray]Ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about the Geek Wave, a portable music player that offers the highest audio resolution out there, for enabling you to enjoy your favorite tunes at their very best. If your ear is “trained”, you’ll surely notice the difference between this baby and some other audio players. Also, being the world’s only 32 bit/384 kHz & DSD 128 player, it supports every format that you’ll throw towards it. Some other goodies offered by it are that it has a removable battery, you can drag and drop music from your computer, you can connect it to your home stereo, audio system or car and so on.

Geek WaveGeek Wave 5

Geek Wave 6 Geek Wave