Wouldn’t it be nice to have around us a gadget which has the answers to all our questions, plays the music we like and keep track of our schedules and shopping lists?

Amazon Echo does all these and much more. The small gadget is always on once you say the wake word Amazon or Alexa. It is designed to recognize voices and it can offer answers to your questions or comply to your requests. All the information is processed in the Cloud and the audio stream closes once Amazon Echo has processed your request or question.

Once activated with the wake work the light ring around the top of the device will turn blue and it will start streaming audio to the cloud. Amazon Echo has seven microphones which use beam-forming technology and enhanced noise cancellation so that it can hear you from the other end of the room or while it is playing music.

[adsense300gray]As the cloud runs on Amazon Web Services, the gadget continuously improves, learns and adds more functions. It can adapt to your vocabulary, speech patterns and even personal preferences. The advanced audio designs allows Amazon Echo to deliver crisp vocals and dynamic base response.

You can access Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Prime Music, and TuneIn only by using your voice. From your phone or tablet you can also stream other music devices such as iTunes, Pandora or Spotify via Bluetooth.

Even if you are away from home you can still access Amazon Echo through the free companion app on Fire OS and Android and manage your schedule, music, alarms, shopping list and many more. It’s really that easy! Just ask!