[adsense300gray]The concrete and fir wood harmonic board that enhances everything from the deepness of the bass to the warmth of the treble is only the beginning of badassery with the P.A.C.O digital loudspeaker. For starters, it’s concrete. How many people can say they have a concrete speaker in their house? That’s right. Very. Few. And you could be one of them. Not to mention that you could easily fend off intruders by swinging your music at them, literally.

With a 360 degree sound range, you will find yourself embraced by music like a warm fluffy sweater after a bath. The connection is through Bluetooth, so that you can control it from anywhere. If you’re feeling especially touchy feely, you can just wave your hand above the speaker and it will recognize your gestures and act accordingly (it has a whole range of motion commands.)