Summer is here! You like to swim just as much as you like to listen to good music? Then why don’t you do them both at the same time? Finis has just released the best solution for you: Neptune waterproof audio player.
If you really are a good swimmer who stays more than two hours in the sea, don’t worry. Neptune has enogh memory (4GB) for you to listen as much music as you want. Love the scuba diving? No problem! Neptune is waterproof to 3 meters (10 ft). And it also has improved file transfer compatibility with iTunes. Just like its old version (SwiMP3), Neptune uses bone conduction to deliver sound to the audio canal. But, with Neptune, the whole system has been redesigned and improved. So if you like your audio player to have all the options available, you can definitely have everything you need with Neptune. Plus, even the fishes will see you as a business person.