Discretion is always elegant, I know, but having it done in a true audiophile gadget can actually make it even more. Take my words for what they are, this pair of headphones represent the truth behind them. You can place them on your head and remain in your world for how long you need. They have some amazing specs, although I must admit the design lacks in some compartments.


Oppo used the best materials available: plush padding materials combined with some metallic, yet light framework, tested to endure some mechanical difficulties. Also, they look and feel comfortable, which is a plus in my opinion, given the fact that I use headphones for quite some long time daily. As for the features that make their sound quality they come with planar magnetic drivers with deep bass, smooth midrange, and clear treble, balanced, natural, with plenty of impact. They make use of a phase coherence system regarded with the capacity to give a perfect peak for signal reconstruction, since all part of the diaphragm are vibrating like a well designed engine, keeping them safe from any delayed resonance.

Worthy of a mention is the fact that they are portable, weighing 320g, folding flat, complimented with a denim case for carrying them around, making them the first truly portable closed-back planar magnetic headphones. They look flagship, this is no question. If you look for something classy, more eye candy, you should go somewhere else. But if you look for something with quality material and a top sound experience, give it a go, your expectations should be met by the features put at your disposal.