Mixing antagonistic basic products, which are parts of completely different styles, happens to be the latest fresh idea in audio design. Therefore, Jack Zester founded ClawHammer Co, whose sole purpose was to indulge into the laymen hearts a greater appreciation of the American Maker, their skills and the high quality goods they produce. And all of this starting from a rather ‘popular’ material such as 100 years old wood.

[adsense300gray]Coming from this American originated company, the BeamBox, one impressive wittingly disguised speaker under the naturally aged wood cloth, displays the best in the authenticity – audio performances fusion. Though the main highlight of this music accessory may be the salvaged wooden beam from century-old barns, each speaker looks like your grandfather’s barn but surprisingly features contemporary sound qualities.

Such as four inch speakers that offer between 30 and 60 watts with a frequency response of 90 to 20,000 Hz. They are wireless too using a low energy Bluetooth connection. Each speaker is carefully hand crafted from reclaimed Hand Hewn barn wood, preserving the original looks of the beautiful naturally aged wood.
If you find yourself wandering in the maze of endless audio systems choices, BeamBox gives you both an impressive high-quality sound and unique aesthetics, making it the center piece of every room you’ll place it in.