BMW S1000XR Motorcycle

A concept close to perfection When I first got my eyes on the new BMW idea of a good ride, I found it intriguing how they decided to shape it, the idea behind the concept being that they probably wanted you to have a little more control over it. From what I can see that this model has become, they … continue reading

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Suzuki GSX-S1000 ABS Motorcycle

The “pure sport roadster” I don’t know about you, but when I like to think of myself as a adventure driven personality kind of guy. I find my perks in doing stuff that mostly everybody around me should deem as irresponsible. Fortunately, they do not, because I was blessed with people like me, who want to take control of their … continue reading

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Amphibious Motorcycle: Desirable in all the right ways

There is this company manufacturing all sorts of vehicles, called Gibbs. I like them, the last model that came up on our desks was the Quadski, a quad built for people wanting to feel an adventure in as many ways as possible. This time, they flipped the page a little bit, and it’s still a lot of moisture, still the … continue reading

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Yamaha YZF-R1 Motorcycle

Can you feel the might embracing you? Yamaha is back. The YZF-R1 model is an open class sport bike, or superbike, motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company since 1998. Sometimes abbreviated simply as R1, this model is just a classic. Anybody who doesn’t want to recognize this is, and allow me to put it bluntly, off the track. It has … continue reading

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Kawasaki H2R Motorcycle

Madness is younger than ever Kawasaki launched the H2 model of street legal motorcycles in 2015, an objective and affirmative statement of power, a revitalization of the concept of having it. Kawasaki H2 is a “supercharged supersport” class of motorcycles, but not what we are here to talk about, because behind the streets, on the tracks, is where the true … continue reading

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Deus Ex Machina Heinrich Manuever

Riding is never easy. Riding is about how you get things to look the way you want them to. Riding takes time to learn and master, always striving for improvement, knowing you can always perfect what defines you. That is what you should aim for. Never giving up on what makes you feel the better version of yourself – this … continue reading

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Manliness Done Good. Custom Made 1978 Honda CB750

Now, there are men who don’t wish to take risks, who always prefer play safe and go through life without getting noticed. I’m not saying that is bad, I’m just saying that you don’t want to find yourself in that category. Because those guys miss all the fun. Because on the other side, you can find men that don’t pay attention to this kind of things.

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Thunderbike Production-R Is The Story Of A Modern Classic


When it comes to engines, there’s no better way to get to an eargasmic and eyegasmic view of a beast than combining the style of the classic with the power and comfort of the modern. These passionate men from Thunderbike Germany have offered collectible rides that pleased the eye for extended periods of time. Marvels nonetheless, with long lines and well defined curves, these custom bikes are definitely on every man’s bucket list.

DTV Shredder Is A Brand New Type Of Off-Road Vehicle

It can’t be denied that ATVs are a great piece of engineering, especially when you are about to tackle muddy terrain or any other surface that’s not asphalt. However, for some it might seem a big too big and restrictive in terms of maneuvering. Combining the liberty of movement found in snowboards and the power of motocross and ATVs, the … continue reading

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Gogoro Is The World’s First Smartscooter

After many years of silence, Taiwanese startup Gogoro brings us the news that the electric scooter is finally out on the market. The novelty of this new product are the batteries – an essential part of this scooter. The first ones who tried it are saying that it is probably the coolest two – wheeled vehicle on the market. At … continue reading

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