Harley Davidson Forty Eight Hooligan Tactics

A Bike Full Of Thrills Rough Crafts is is a handmade bike customization workshop from Taiwan. They were already featured on our website before with an amazing model and they are back. This time, with a Harley Davidson Forty Eight which they baptized “Hooligan Tactics”. Why so? That’s pretty easy to answer to: a picture is worth a thousand words, … continue reading

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BMW K100 Impuls K101

A Bike With Personality The BMW K100 is a motorbike released in 1985, a real piece of history and a fresh remembrance of the good old times. The model is brought back in fashion by a collaboration between a duo consisting Philipp Wulk and Matthias Pittner aka Impuls and an artist, named Fabian Gatermann. It is codenamed Impuls K101, and … continue reading

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Spike-Wheeled Ducati – The Monster Under Your Handle Bars

The Monster Ducati Monster is a two-wheeler created by the italian manufacturer owning the streets since 1993. This is, without question, one of the most inspiring models for all those who enjoy total makeovers for motorbikes. Only that this time, Paolo Tesio has taken everything one step further. This time, everything is extreme. This time, Ducati Monster becomes the spike-wheeled … continue reading

Lazareth LM847 MotorBike Comes With A V8

Not only that motorbikes are a rarer sight than cars, superbikes are usually an incredible view on any streets. However, there is a fine border between a lot of power and pure insanity. And guess where the Lazareth LM 847 situates, with its Maserati V8 engine. Batmobile has nothing on this one. French tech behind the scenes The LM847 is … continue reading

Bott XC1 Cafe Racer

A Cafe Racer for Everyone A Cafe Racer is one of the best things a man can ride. If you’re already riding one, it means you know what you want from this life of yours. You’re never in a competition, because you’re above that, you’re the improved version of yourself, like your bike is the improved version of some model. … continue reading

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DP Customs “Seventy Three” Harley

The Magical Seventy Three I love DP Customs. Because they are very imaginative, keeping a manly allure to every piece of work leaving their workshop. You will never see anything they do being too cheesy, which ultimately makes them the perfect target for us here at HisPotion.com. We revealed in the title it’s about a Harley, one made with the … continue reading

Yamaha 03GEN-F And 03GEN-X

Leaning Multi Wheel Yamaha continues to deliver innovation and inspiration in the field of unconventional vehicles. In 2013 they first released a model under the codename GEN, namely Yamaha 01GEN, which was a very big three-wheel motorcycle, for many way too large and impossible to use to maximum potential. After that, Yamaha O2GEN followed, being exactly an electric-powered wheelchair. This … continue reading

Honda CX500 Cafe Racer

A Bit Of History Of Awesomeness The CX Series by Honda was a late 70’s, early 80’s sensation back then. It was innovative, because they brought to the table features unused and unknown to be possible. They had electric-only starting, liquid cooling, low-maintenance shaft drive and ingenuous dual CV-type carburetors among the others that influenced many generations to come. The … continue reading

The Musket By Hazan Motorworks

A Brilliant Concept, The Musket Sets New Standards The musket is one of my all-time favorite customization jobs made on a two-wheeler. Max Hazan is regarded as the world’s best in this domain as we speak, his works are absolutely incredible. The Musket is not an exception to that. Quite on the contrary, we say this one should be considered … continue reading

Turbo Destroyer By DP Customs

Street-Legal Turbo Destroyer If you have ever dreamt of a bullet-like motorbike to abide your commands, DP Customs wanted to take that dream and convert it to reality. This long and low bike is excellence on two wheels. It is what you expect from a customization job made with tremendous skill. This bike is a beast, a two wheeler with … continue reading

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