2015 Ducati Diavel

The 2015 Ducati Diavel is a devil of a bike. As you may already know, Ducati makes the best bikes out there, if you’re an enthusiast of course. Cars, bikes, pizza, fashion, the Italians got them all!  This beast of a bike comes with numerous upgrades yet it maintains its classic Ducati style and allure. The aesthetic enhancements consists mainly of LED lighting, used for the headlight, turn lights and the tail section. There are some mechanical upgrades for the “pedal to the metal” types … continue reading

$20,995 Buy

Honda CX 500 by Kingston Customs

If you’re the cafe-racer kind of guy, look no further than Honda CX500 by Kingston Customs.  The best of two worlds just met, I mean  a reputable Japanese motorcycle brand and a German custom-builder. What Kingston Customs did was to take a perfectly functional Honda CX500, take it apart (they took away all the cheap plastic parts and they replaced them with cool looking high quality metal) and reconstruct it in a better way. The German way. Jawohl!  The original transverse V-twin engine from Honda … continue reading

The Victory Gunner Urban Cruiser

Just take a look at the new Victory Gunner Urban cruiser, now, that’s a bike folks!  Costing just $500 more than the cheapest motorcycle in the Victory lineup, the Gunner is built around the Freedom 106 engine and weighs 649 lb. Alright, I will not tease you anymore with the price tag: this baby can be yours for only $13,000 but believe me, if you’re a bike aficionado, this is the one for you. The best thing about the Gunner is that it’s made in … continue reading

$13,000 Buy

The Otor Bike By Oto Cycles

This weird looking gizmo on wheels is actually a motorbike, can you believe that? Even if it resembles one of Salvador Dali’s nightmares, the Otor Bike is actually as real as your next door Chinese neighbor. Living on the thin border line between a bicycle and a motorcycle, the Otor Bike is the creation of Oto Cycles , a Spanish company based in Barcelona, specialized in creating vintage looking bikes powered by high tech electrical engines. I hope you realize from the pictures that the … continue reading


Low Down & Shifty 1974 Yamaha XS650

Take a look at this weird looking bike, and then take a look again. Isn’t this beautiful? I mean , it may look like a bike from Mad Max, that classic dystopian movie from the 80′s. But, with Low, Down, & Shifty, mechanics meets art and the end result is a very interesting piece of retro-engineering, if I may use that word I just made up. The Low, Down, & Shifty is based on a vintage motorcycle from 1974 (older than I am), a Yamaha … continue reading


Bandit9 Nero Mark II Will Raise Some Serious Eyebrows

Bandit9′s Nero MkII bike is the creation of Daryl Villanueva, who owns a workshop based in Beijing, China. That’s far out and a no-go to many people, because Made in China is nothing to write home about. Especially when it comes to cars and motorcycles. But, let’s not judge hastily. Daryl was born in Philippines, raised in Hong Kong and was schooled in Australia and Malaysia, I mean come on, this is a cosmopolite guy, as good as it gets. And his bikes are China … continue reading


The Racer By DP Customs

You can instantly recognize a bike made by those cool dudes from DP Customs, and by all means, their Racer is continuing that tradition with flying colors. The DNA in those DP bikes is still obvious in their latest creation. The racer is running on a 1200 cc Evo engine, powered by dual plug heads and inspired from  the Brabham BT 44 bike, featuring a Martini Racing livery. The handle bars of the motorcycle were lowered, in order to put the gas tank in the front, … continue reading


Skully Helmet. Gadgets On Your Head

The new era of motorcycle helmets is upon us, bringing with it the helmet equivalent of Iron Man’s suit – the Skully helmet. Built with a Synapse(TM) integrated Heads-Up Display (HUD), this mean headgear gives you advanced situational awareness, displaying navigation and blind spot data, letting you enjoy your ride while still focusing on the road. The patented integrated rear view camera system with a 180 degree viewing angle will watch your back (and sides) literally, letting your spirit roam freely on the highways of your soul. … continue reading

$1,000 Buy
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