With a name like that, the latest addition from the American motorcycle company Confederate sounds and looks like it has been built for tough guys who want a sophisticated and sexy twist to their ride. And given that only 65 handmade Hellcats are being sold, you’d better believe there’s something special about them.

In 2013, Confederate started collaborating with Pierre Terblanche, noted for his Ducati designs and his work for the Piaggio Group, and now for helping create the newest model of the Hellcat series. The company is known for their street-inspired motorcycles and the X132 can attest to that concept, given its V-Twin Copperhead Motor, designed with peformance and durability in mind. The 132 cubic inches (2,163 cc) engine puts out 121 BHP and 140 foot pounds of torque, complimented by a 5-speed drag racing transmission. The powertrain casing is carved from a 400 pound block 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium, but overall, the unit only weighs 500 lbs.

[adsense300gray]The hard steel chassis is big-boned, but still has a minimal look and together with the BackStone Tek Carbon Fiber 18″ wheels, it gives an edgy and elegant feel. The solo tractor-style saddle is covered in leather and the fuel cell is made of a special aerospace composite, chemical and impact resistant. Regarding ergonomics, the Hellcat maintains classic features such as the American riding position, forward foot control and a classic-swept handlebar.

The X132 is not cheap, but at $65,000, it’s the price you pay for one of the best American motorcycles ever made. It’s high-quality, raw and unique, and with innovative technology included in its making, it’s definitely worth the money you’d pay for a nice car.