Travelling much just for the fun of it ? If you like exploring the great outdoors on your bike and you’re the nature loving type, forget about carrying a tent with you for a while and check out something really awesome for significantly improving your experience.
The Moby1 C2 trailer is the answer to all of your prayers when it comes to space. This baby-trailer has a curb weight of 280-320 lbs, a length of 80 inches and comes in two width-versions: of 40 or 48 inches, so it’s light and small enough for being carried by your motorcycle without any problems.

[adsense300gray]Now, let’s take a look at the area of interest, the trailer’s interior. Here, you have a foam mattress that tries its best to replace a bed (and does a very good job) and enough space to place some cabinets or anything you need to carry with you that doesn’t have a place on your bike or in your car, if it’s a smallish one.

The Moby1 C2 trailer will be your best friend and a reliable sidekick in your adventures, having exactly what you need for enjoying the outside beauties without needing to check into a hotel or set up a tent. You just have to open its little door et voila! A tiny, but cozy room!

Moby1 C2 trailer