The new era of motorcycle helmets is upon us, bringing with it the helmet equivalent of Iron Man’s suit – the Skully helmet. Built with a Synapse(TM) integrated Heads-Up Display (HUD), this mean headgear gives you advanced situational awareness, displaying navigation and blind spot data, letting you enjoy your ride while still focusing on the road. The patented integrated rear view camera system with a 180 degree viewing angle will watch your back (and sides) literally, letting your spirit roam freely on the highways of your soul.

[adsense300gray]The HUD GPS maps will take care of your route, so that you’ll never have to pull over and mull over maps ever again. Unless you’re one of those people who really like reading physical maps. You hipster.

By clicking on the „Buy” button you might become one of the approved beta-testers who will be qualified to receive a pre-release Skully P1 in advance of the official 2014 release date. Be prepared to give reasons good enough to earn you a Skully.

Skully Helmets Beta


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