It’s a Honda, a CB750, what else can you ask for from this life? Well, the answer is definitely a custom made Honda, and especially one built by Wesley Hannam himself! The CB750 is that kind of a motorcycle that, if haven’t been invented, the world would have been a very different place. At least, that’s what people obsessed with bikes are thinking and I know quite a few of them. There are countless versions  of the beast, each one with its own sex appeal and fan base. This particular model was custom built in Hong Kong by this dude Wesley and if the location may seem peculiar to you, well, actually this is the place where custom built motorcycles are flourishing right now.  This baby is based on the original Nighthawk model and it was built from scratch (almost). The end result is pretty impressive and it looks like it costed Wesley a lot of money. But, when you’re into this kind of business, money is no object,is all about the glory.



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