Now, there are men who don’t wish to take risks, who always prefer play safe and go through life without getting noticed. I’m not saying that is bad, I’m just saying that you don’t want to find yourself in that category. Because those guys miss all the fun. Because on the other side, you can find men that don’t pay attention to this kind of things. They want to hear the enginge roaring, fully unleashed underneath them, taking full control over the course of action. This is where you want yourself to be, and for that,  you need the perfect companion. The guys from Clockwork Motorcycles came up with a plan for this: it’s called the remake of 1978 Honda CB750, named twenty2. It looks ashtoningly awesome.


No parts remained untouched, everything got thoughtfully redesigned to fit the needs of a modern yet classy motorbike. A new and powercoated frame made its way along with a custom leather seat.. The enginge is bored out to 836cc with Wiseco pistons and rings. The bike is planned with cnc cut valve seats, Gsx-r brake rotors, caliper, master cylinder and stainless steel braided lines, using a 4 into 2 exhaust system and a keyless ignition. It is fully rebuilt, ready to go and obey your commands. You can go on, check the full specs and be amazed. It looks good, stable, well done. Nothing seems to be left going on unnoticed, it is art made from cold steel. I, for one, find it curvy enough to satisfy my deisres, it’s stylish to say the least. So go on, picture yourself riding one made just like that, only for you. It is perfecly normal to dream about that for a very long time ahead.