If you’re the cafe-racer kind of guy, look no further than Honda CX500 by Kingston Customs.  The best of two worlds just met, I mean  a reputable Japanese motorcycle brand and a German custom-builder. What Kingston Customs did was to take a perfectly functional Honda CX500, take it apart (they took away all the cheap plastic parts and they replaced them with cool looking high quality metal) and reconstruct it in a better way. The German way. Jawohl!  The original transverse V-twin engine from Honda was tampered with too. Kingston Customs made it better by treating it with a thermo sensitive coating; also the exhaust manifold was modified, as it was wrapped with thermal tape.  The bench seat and the fairing were replaced with hand made ones, also the battery box, the fenders and the foot brake  lever. The tank, the wheels and the frame were painted in gold and the dash was stripped of unnecessary things, the only „remains” were the speedometer and the spark plug. The end result? Well, take a look for yourself.