[adsense300gray]Take a look at this weird looking bike, and then take a look again. Isn’t this beautiful? I mean , it may look like a bike from Mad Max, that classic dystopian movie from the 80’s. But, with Low, Down, & Shifty, mechanics meets art and the end result is a very interesting piece of retro-engineering, if I may use that word I just made up. The Low, Down, & Shifty is based on a vintage motorcycle from 1974 (older than I am), a Yamaha XS650 that was upgraded and modified heavily. For example, the front of the bike is now taken from a Hayabusa, the engine, originally a 650cc was upgraded to 750cc and features hot cams and a dual carburetor (Mikuni, for aficionados). The spark plugs are „stolen” from a Boyer ignition and the pipes were formerly the property of a MotoCzysz C1 (some say that the C1 was the nec plus ultra when it comes to high tech motorcycles). The end result is a neck-breaker and a gas guzzler, because folks, this bike was never built with comfort in mind and it’s not a daily driver. Everything is about posture and design, just take a look and judge for yourself.

Low, Down, & Shifty  2

Low, Down, & Shifty  3

Low, Down, & Shifty  4

Low, Down, & Shifty  5

Low, Down, & Shifty  6

Low, Down, & Shifty