[adsense300gray]This weird looking gizmo on wheels is actually a motorbike, can you believe that? Even if it resembles one of Salvador Dali’s nightmares, the Otor Bike is actually as real as your next door Chinese neighbor. Living on the thin border line between a bicycle and a motorcycle, the Otor Bike is the creation of Oto Cycles , a Spanish company based in Barcelona, specialized in creating vintage looking bikes powered by high tech electrical engines. I hope you realize from the pictures that the Otor Bike means actually Rotor Bike, since it’s powered by a battery, not by that polluting and bad smelling petrol, the stuff bikers are used to sniff every day.  The concept behind the Otor is pretty interesting, like a hipster on steroids. I mean, this is the ultimate trendy machine : a vintage-retro-looking bicycle that’s actually a motorcycle, that’s actually powered by green energy and it helps protect the environment. You can’t get more alternative than that, mark my words folks.

otor 3

otor 4

otor 5

otor 6