Riding is never easy. Riding is about how you get things to look the way you want them to. Riding takes time to learn and master, always striving for improvement, knowing you can always perfect what defines you. That is what you should aim for. Never giving up on what makes you feel the better version of yourself – this is my definition for manliness. The R nine T custom made BMW motorbike is the topic of my monologue. Guys at Deus Ex Machina call it the Heinrich Manuever, a perfect name for this so fine piece of craftsmanship and imagination. Don’t fool yourself, having such a thing made takes not only time, but courage. And this is how it should be done – without any compromise.


It is not about questioning yourself whether you should do it or not; it is all about answering to when that should be, because this ride is more than a simple alloy designed to get you from point A to point B as swiftly as possible. No, this is a perfect way for letting everyone know that you are doing things your way, and that this is out of question.

For this model, a significant amount of time was spent in order to put everything in its place – all the handmade details were carefully chosen to blend and result in this sensational feeling of masculinity and raw instinct. Don’t be afraid, tame it as it is your own beast, make a pet of your choosing, and enjoy the way nature wanted you to live your life.