It can’t be denied that ATVs are a great piece of engineering, especially when you are about to tackle muddy terrain or any other surface that’s not asphalt. However, for some it might seem a big too big and restrictive in terms of maneuvering. Combining the liberty of movement found in snowboards and the power of motocross and ATVs, the DTV Shredder results.

In order to provide such movement, the Shredder includes a patented dual-CTV transmission that smoothly transforms your body movements into vehicle turns. The stand-up jet-ski design along with rubber tank treads really allow the Shredder to take on mostly any type of terrain and even slopes that ATV owners would think twice before climbing.

[adsense300gray]The chassis is built from lightweight aluminum and tubular steel; a 6 point independently articulated suspension system ensures stability and smoothness when operating the DTV.  The Shredder also features hydraulic braking system along with a thumb-throttle system. The power source represents a 196 cc engine that produces 44hp at 5,400rpm. You literally got the power at your fingertips.

At the moment there two available models of this off-road crossover: DTV Shredder and Shredder Trail edition. However, there is another one, still at prototyping stage, called exactly that: DTV Prototype. It is expected to feature an engine with 48 HP and rise to a speed of 95 km/h. There is no certain date for when it will be released, but the other two DTV Shredders are already on sale around the world. Even the military got their own version and adapted it to battlefield conditions. Check the photos, it is amazing!