SpeedX Leopard – The First Smart Aero Road Bike

The Ultimate Road Experience Welcome to the world of SpeedX Leopard. Or better, welcome it in your world, as the potential of expanding it and expanding your experience as a rider, with this bike, is amazing. Why is the SpeedX Leopard called the first smart aero road bike? Simple. Because it has the ability to help you train and track … continue reading

$1.399 Buy

Spiran Bike: Reinventing A Classic

Made with Fine Taste In Northern Europe, going to work by bicycle is more than a thing. It’s a cult. Everyone does that, it has become natural and so wide spread, that people who don’t practice it are in minority. One of the bikes that made history, especially in Sweden, was the Kronan, or Crown, if translated to English. The … continue reading

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Sondors THIN Electric Bycicle

Good to Go Sondors is the manufacturer of the most affordable electric bicycle in the world. They called it Sondors THIN, and their plan is to reinvent the eBike transportation. The thing is, the model is looking neat and if you enjoy riding long distances or if you have to commute for work, an electric powered bicycle is a great … continue reading

$499 Buy

GearGate Cycling Tailgate by Hoodworks

You can’t really blame pick-up owners. For the expense of a high mileage, you are getting a tow truck, a workhorse and a decent city road vehicle. The one element that separates trucks from other utility vehicles is the gate. HoodWorks took the best materials and technology from renowned constructors then added a style touch to create GearGate. HoodWorks GearGate … continue reading

$990 Buy

Invincible – the theft-proof bike

Theft-proof Bike Means Awesome A new Kickstarter project was on our desks this morning, called Invincible, the theft-proof bike. The idea is a great one, guys. It’s allowing you to take greater care of your bike without spending that much on security systems that look only like a bigger challenge for those who intend on doing the wrong thing. The … continue reading

$400 Buy

Ride In Black – Dyna Guerilla Fat Bob By Rough Crafts

Both Smooth And Thunderous In 2008, when Harley attached the Fat Bob to the Dyna line of models, everyone was astonished how amazingly awesome it was looking. Years passed and we can feel the wind of change blowing in our ears. Real riders resort to personalized toys, in terms not of creativity but of an unmatched sense of liberty. To … continue reading

Honda RC213V-S Motorcycle

The new standard in excellence The new Honda RC213V-S, a street-legal MotoGP copy of the RC213V model used on tracks by the one and only Marc Marquez, the super champion, my definite favorite out there, was announced for 2016 at the Italy’s EICMA show last November. It is, evidently, or will be, so to speak, a limited edition bike, and … continue reading

$184.000 Buy

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Bike


Since the Pentagon itself has a backup plan in case of a zombie attack, something must be going on. So everyone should prepare! Well, not really, but it would make a great excuse in order to get your hands on one of these: Motoped Survival Bike: Black Ops Edition. Ready to decapitate those brain eating, flesh rotting, smelly bastards?

$3,199.00 Buy

The Electric Gi FlyBike Folds In One Second

Imagine you could bike your way to work, do some physical exercise, but in the same time arrive at your destination without having your clothes sunk in nasty smelling body sweat. Also, imagine that you can store your bike in a place the size of a medium kitchen cupboard. Gi FlyBike is an electric bicycle that aims to solve all … continue reading

$1,990 Buy

B-9 NH Black Edition For A Classy Ride

BME Design’s unique carbon bicycle uses some fresh ideas and innovative concepts.  The frame and front fork display angular shapes and, together with the black mate finish are reminiscent of a stealth plane. The innovative design choices include a one piece carbon stem plus handlebar and a unique carbon saddle designed to be as light as possible and easy to … continue reading

$8,750 Buy
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