Hovding. The Airbag for Cyclists

If you’re into sports and you enjoy riding your bicycle, you may find yourself pretty annoyed by those ugly and uncomfortable helmets, which are intended to protect your precious brain in case of an impact, or something like that. You know, when that nice dude opens the car door right in front of you, I bet it happened to you at least once, if you’re a die-hard biker like yours truly. Well, two Swedish chicks spent seven years (not in Tibet, by all means), inventing … continue reading

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Reinventing A Classic – The Spiran Bike

If you’re the type of person who prefers getting around by bike instead of using a car, here’s something that might be of interest to you. The guys from People People (a design agency from Sweden) have recently brought back to life an old design seen on the Swedish postal bikes through their simple, but great looking Spiran (Scepter) bike. This slim looking fellow comes as an alternative for the older Kronan (Crown) bike, which is inspired by the classic military bikes from Sweden and loved … continue reading

This Will Turn Your Bicycle Into A Smartbike

Reinventing the wheel is no longer just an expression. These guys are set to revolutionize your bicycle by turning it into a smartbike. How? By adding an electronic rear wheel, allowing most conventional bikes to speed up to 20 miles per hour without any effort from the rider. No special knowledge is required, and you can easily install the FlyKly Smart Wheel by yourself. The speed control can be carried out through a mobile app that you can freely install on your iOS, Android or Pebble … continue reading

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The Local Bike

If you’re needing a way for getting around your neighborhood for buying groceries, carrying stuff to your friends or taking your kids to school, you’ll be very happy to meet the Local bike. The guys from fuseproject (a well-known company that specializes in industrial design and brand strategy) worked together with SyCip, a bike builder, and the result of their collaboration is this friendly and cute-looking bike that I was talking about. Having three wheels, this bike is actually a tricycle. The third wheel joins the … continue reading

Glow In The Dark With The Zulu Bicycle

If you enjoy riding your bike on a daily basis or from time to time, or if you actually depend on it for getting around, check out this intriguing new bike from Pure Fix Cycles. It’s called The Zulu and was designed and perfected after months and months of hard work and testing and belongs to the GLOW line. So, guess what. It glows in the dark. Yeap, you’ve heard me right, some guys actually thought of that and made a special bike, which is … continue reading

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The Only Reverse Gear Cruiser

I’ve always hated those guys cruising on these three-wheeled rides, looking so relaxed, waving, drinking something, talking on the cell phone and playing a violin, all at the same time because.. well there’s no handle. And me with my back-pain and arms holding tight to my bike’s handle so I won’t broke my nose, again. I’m definitely getting this, so I can finally play Angry Birds while cycling to work. Getting to the serious part, not that I wasn’t serious so far, this vehicle features … continue reading

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The Pedal Pub

pedal pub 600x337 The Pedal Pub

Not since the daring Wright brothers have we seen such a stunning contraption, successfully merging the useful with the pleasant and putting the end result on wheels. Accommodating up to 17 people, this mobile bar allows the party-goers to work out while drinking their favorite beers and take in the sights while they’re at it. Ideal for socializing, it’s a one-of-a-kind method of bringing the bar to the people and not vice-versa. It’s like a grown-up ice-cream truck. That you can ride. With friends.

$40,000 Buy

BlackBraid, The Under 11 Pounds Bike

Means of transportation and Germans – it’s a winning combination. And when two German companies work together to create something you know it’s going to be Something. Those to Are PG and Munich Composites, and together they put a new and unique bike concept onto the market. Not just any bicycle, but some of the lightest ever made – Lighter than 5 Kg! And no, it won’t bend at the first curb you hit, as Blackbraid is made of carbon fiber. The secret’s in the production of braided carbon frames, the newest … continue reading

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