BME Design’s unique carbon bicycle uses some fresh ideas and innovative concepts.  The frame and front fork display angular shapes and, together with the black mate finish are reminiscent of a stealth plane.

The innovative design choices include a one piece carbon stem plus handlebar and a unique carbon saddle designed to be as light as possible and easy to adjust.  The S72 saddle assembly allows for adjustments to the angular and longitudinal position of the seat with just one screw and also includes an optional security system.  The entire assembly, comprising the saddle and the seat-post, weighs only 270 grams.


The bicycle is clearly intended to be a commuter bike used in the city.  So BME designed a hassle free drive train where they changed the classic chain with a carbon belt which is easier to maintain and wears out after a longer time.  The belt does not need to be greased and is lighter and quieter in operation.

The B – 9 NH Black Edition bicycle is a limited edition of only 100 units. Each of the bikes is produced in Slovakia and is personalized to the customer’s requirements.  All components are tested in the Czech Republic at the accredited SZU Engineering Test Institute in Brno.

Although not a high performance bike in the strictest sense, because it only has one gear, which makes it useless outside the city and limits its usage scenario to only a commuter bike, the bicycle has its appeal. The bike is a head turner and its Wow factor is off the scale and these things, coupled with the limited edition aspect and the quality of the design and finished product could make anyone who is willing to pay 7800 euro for one feel like it’s an opportunity they cannot miss.


B - 9 NH Black Edition Urban Stealth Bicycle