[adsense300gray]Like my grand father used to tell me : the best things in life are (maintenance) free, remember that! Well, that’s what Dave Weiner  had in mind with his new concept : maintenance free bicycles that make cycling easy. I don’t know what he’s talking about, my biggest problem when cycling is that I have to actually move. I am not worried about my bicycle failing on me, never happened before but I am digressing.

Dave’s maintenance free bicycles are supposedly built using „smart” (everything is smart nowadays) engineering and, hoorah! Low cost. Supposedly, smart and low cost are walking hand in hand with these bicycles that have a price tag of almost $400 apiece yet they have no chain. Because, you know, that chain is ruining the whole bicycling experience. So, these bikes feature a belt instead of a chain, an aluminum frame that is advertised to last forever and ever and, last but not least, a comfy saddle (that’s the best part, I’m already sold!).

Oh, and the tires, they are advertised as being „puncture resistant”. I don’t really know what that means, but never-mind that, please, take my money and give me one of those maintenance free bikes!

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Priority Bicycles