If motorcycles are more than a hobby, a way of living your life, than you’ve probably heard of The Indian Scout built by the Indian Motorcycle Company. You should know that the 101 Scout has been called the best motorcycle made by this company. In 2015 they want to be the leaders again and they’re bringing to our attention the new Indian Scout, an innovative, stunning cruiser that will definitely make you fall in love with it.

Let’s start by describing its design: the new model preserves the original look, but integrated in a more refined way, the new features being visible for the motorcycle lovers. Its original design gives you the impression that the motorcycle it’s moving all the time, whilst your eyes will be mesmerized by the tank badge – an important feature on the 2015 model.

[adsense300gray]Other important features are the following:

• A great balance, having an outstanding lean angle, that will please even the beginners
• The leather design of the seats makes it an elegant ride and a very comfortable one
• The mix between old and new, integrating modern technologies in its authentic design, and here we can talk about the electronic fuel injection that ensures reliability and performance in all conditions.

When we’re looking to buy a new motorcycle, we’re also interested in comfort and style; The Indian Scout offers everything that you didn’t have at the previous motorcycle: handlebars that provide comfortable seating, windshields that offer wind and weather protection, that can be easily removed, so that you have the perfect ride, plus the extra storage that this motorcycle can offer!