[adsense300gray]If you’re into sports and you enjoy riding your bicycle, you may find yourself pretty annoyed by those ugly and uncomfortable helmets, which are intended to protect your precious brain in case of an impact, or something like that. You know, when that nice dude opens the car door right in front of you, I bet it happened to you at least once, if you’re a die-hard biker like yours truly. Well, two Swedish chicks spent seven years (not in Tibet, by all means), inventing an airbag for your head.

That’s the Hövding, Airbag for Cyclists, in a nutshell: unlike a helmet, it’s basically an airbag wrapped tight around your neck, which inflates automatically in case of an impact and protects your head from injuries. At least, that’s how it should work, theoretically. The main advantage of this devilry is that it doesn’t look silly, like those ugly bike-helmets and it doesn’t ruin your hair. It’s basically a nice collar around your neck and it is claimed to be much better when it comes to shock absorption, when compared to your traditional helmet. Of course, this gizmo works in Sweden where is winter for like 9 months a year. You can imagine that you can’t wear that collar when it’s hot outside, and I bet it feels pretty weird, at least in the beginning. The price tag is pretty hefty too.