Canyon, one of the top bicycle manufacturers in Europe, and certainly the best company of its kind in Germany, is coming out with a new range of bikes, designed to help you beat the dreadful city traffic and reach your destination safely and in style. The concept of the urban bike is new to Canyon, somewhat detached from their award-winning mountain bikes. We say „somewhat” because the new designs still maintain a sporty touch, despite the fact that the targeted public is not the racing community, with elements such as the non-slip flat pedals to make that case.

The Commuter ($2,200 – $2,350)

The design of The Commuter is bold, but elegant, with leather grips and saddle that give a quality finish. The integrated Supernova lights and mudguard that double up as luggage racks add functionality to the concept and do not overcrowd the minimalist silhouette. The belt-driven hub gears aren’t a new concept, but they make for a less common design and a low-maintenance experience. Unfortunately, the company got rid of a front basket that was featured in the concept release, last year.

[adsense300gray]The Urban ($900 – $1,800)

The Urban’s purpose is to be as lightweight and as simple as possible, therefore all the cables and other elements are hidden inside the seamlessly welded frame. The anti-theft system is designed to work together with some infrastructure changes that would allow to secure the bikes into newly created stands. Even so, there is a anti-theft device built at the seat clamp. The Urban is perfect if you want a functional bike – its hydraulic disc braces that will make you feel safe, while the VCLS seatposts will provide comfort.

There is a whole debate around the integrated systems idea, which is an important aspect of the Urban range, so these bikes are not for everybody. Nevertheless, surely there are people out there who do not need a removable LED light and are willing to pay a few extra hundred dollars for an alternative concept. Check them out, see if they’re right for you.