[adsense300gray]Reinventing the wheel is no longer just an expression. These guys are set to revolutionize your bicycle by turning it into a smartbike. How? By adding an electronic rear wheel, allowing most conventional bikes to speed up to 20 miles per hour without any effort from the rider. No special knowledge is required, and you can easily install the FlyKly Smart Wheel by yourself. The speed control can be carried out through a mobile app that you can freely install on your iOS, Android or Pebble devices. Of course, you can monitor all kinds of parameters though the app, like current speed, distance, time of travelling and the wheel’s battery level. It will also suggest the best routes after analysing your cycling habits and you can even remotely lock the motor or track it in case it gets stolen.

You can currently support this project on Kickstarter by pledging $59 for the Smart Light, or get the full package for $590. The Smart Light is a multi-purpose gadget that makes this project even more awesome that it is. It’s a dynamo powered LED bulb, a sticky phone holder, and as if that wasn’t enough – a phone charger.